Digital Capability offers cutting-edge elearning and ebusiness professional development, consultancy, presentation, content development and writing services.  We also specialists in online learning design and in ensuring online assessments are real, applied and compliant.

We work with your organisation to develop the best strategies which are based on sound research and established best practice.

Our cutting edge thinking and an extensive network of associates allows us to develop, support and manage a variety of projects and professional development programs which ensure your organisation and its staff are skilled and ready to function in an ever-changing digital world.

Our consultancy services provide you with independent advice as well as coaching and mentoring strategies to help you achieve your e-learning and ebusiness goals.

Our learning design, content development and writing services provide an array of strategies to effectively support your e-learning and e-business goals and needs.

Digital Capability success is built upon:

  • Proven industry experience which result in high impact outcomes
  • Investment in research and development which complements current knowledge
  • Openly sharing good practice and effective resources through existing networks
  • Building the capability of business leaders and professionals

Our Mission:

Enabling organisations and individuals to be at the leading edge of their industry using e-learning and e-business strategies.

Our Vision:

To be an internationally recognised e-learning and e-business professional development, consultancy, presentation, content development and writing service by undertaking action research and action learning.

Our values:

Helping people succeed online by: 

– empowering them to remain ahead of the pack
– helping make a difference in their lives

Digital Capability works collaboratively with their clients to help them grow and improve their business through innovative solutions.

Digital Capability achieves this through proven change management and organisational development strategies, and effective technological solutions.

Divisions of Digital Capability include:

Our team

Digital Capability is led by Allison Miller, Director and Principal Consultant of Digital Capability.

Associate Consultants:

Chemene Sinson is an associate consultant with Digital Capability.  Chemene runs Blackwater Projects.

Ian Whitehouse is an associate consultant with Digital Capability, and the CEO and Managing Director of Digital Coaching and Consultancy, a company that offers high quality, specialist coaching and consultancy services to business across Australia and overseas.

Michael Coghlan  is an associate consultant with Digital Capability and is a private e-learning consultant who is an avid photographer.

Sean Simper is an associate consultant with Digital Capability and is Creative Director of Multimodal Media and has been involved in education and training for more than twenty years as an educator, trainer, professional development and e-learning leader.

Urszula Richards is an associate consultant with Digital Capability, and is an online business specialist from onlineiq.

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