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Digital Capability is led by Allison Miller, Director and Lead Consultant of Digital Capability.

Allison has been involved in education and training for nearly twenty years as an educator, change manager, and e-learning leader and innovator.  More recently, Allison has also been helping small businesses work smarter in a digital economy.

Allison’s leadership skills include:

  • Building digital e-business and e-learning capability
  • Creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Developing semi-autonomous teams from fragmented work units
  • Leading and facilitating disruptive change
  • Researching and implementing emerging learning and development strategies
  • Strategic thinking and implementation

Allison also leads ePortfolios Australia – a professional network which aims to support the use of e-portfolios in Australia and beyond through professional development activities and the sharing of resources, ideas and practice

Allison’s previous roles include:

  • Higher Qualification Pathways Business Manager for the National VET E-learning Strategy.
  • E-portfolios Business Manager, South Australian Innovations Coordinator and the Inclusive e-Learning for Youth Project Manager for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  • E-Learning Development Coordinator and Business Services Facilitator for TAFE SA.
  • Convenor of the national ePortfolios Australia Conference
  • eWorks Accredited Consultant

Allison has a Master of Learning & Development (Organisation Capacity Development) from the University of Southern Queensland.

Allison has a lot  e-business, e-learning and e-portfolio experience and know-how, especially in the areas of:

E-learning areas of expertise:

  • E- learning and E-assessment implementation and support
  • Eportfolio training and implementation support
  • E-learning mentor and coach
  • Moodle LMS set up and ongoing support
  • Online Course development and implementation
  • Project Management and/or face to face/online training in any of these areas
E-business areas of expertise:

  • Cloud business services
  • E-business mentor and coach
  • Small business digital marketing strategies
  • Virtual workplaces
  • Website/SEO selection and content development
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Project Management and/or face to face/online training in any of these areas


Allison’s other skills and experiences include being the:

  • Lead author of formal reports, peer reviewed papers and magazine/journal articles
  • Co-author of research reports, strategic documents, position papers and responses to discussion papers
  • Project Manager of qualitative and action-based research projects
  • Facilitator of staff development projects, workshops, seminars and action learning activities
  • Mentor and coach in the area of e-learning/e-assessment
  • Developer of online/paper-based learning resources and content
  • Writer of numerous online educational and e-learning journals (blogs)
  • Conveyor of national and state-based conferences and events
  • Key note,  plenary and break-out speaker at various conference
  • Facilitator and presenter of many workshops and presentations
  • Chair of and representative on numerous national and international cross-sectoral reference groups.

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