Ian Whitehouse is an associate consultant with Digital Capability, and is the CEO and Managing Director of Digital Coaching and Consultancy, a company that offers high quality, specialist coaching and consultancy services to business across Australia and overseas in:

  • Digital Business Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy
  • Compliance including information and business systems, tourism and VET
  • E-commerce, including social media
  • Website Hosting, Design, Configuration and Deployment
  • Content Development and Writing

Ian has worked for both the public and private sectors including:

Ian’s Australian and Overseas experience includes many years working with businesses and government organisations in the areas of:

  • Business information systems including content, records and online learning management systems
  • Business leadership and management
  • Business planning – strategic, business and operational plans
  • Compliance audits and system and process reviews
  • Content development
  • Digital technology identification and adoption
  • HR management and systems
  • Specialist training and education program design and implementation

Ian holds a number of postgraduate and vocational education and training qualifications including VET, under graduate and postgraduate qualifications in:

  • Adult and Vocational Education
  • Applied Computing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality auditing
  • Training and Assessment

Ian is also a certified Australian Tourism Data Warehouse E-kit trainer specialising in e-commerce, social media and digital technology and was also a contracted consultant to deliver business Enterprise Centre and Mentor services in Tasmania.

You can connect with Ian by:

Phone: 0421 102 393
Email: ian@digitalcoaching.com.au


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