Five ways educators can create connected learning programs

In an increasingly digital world, those businesses which do not implement effective digital business strategies will quickly become “digital roadkill” (Deloitte Access Economics, The Connected Workplace, 2013). Digitally effective businesses benefit from increased productivity and innovation through their staffs’ ability

You should be doing more business online, right?

You should be doing more business online, right? You are absolutely spot on. Around one third of Australian businesses are being significantly impacted by the digital disruption of the anywhere, anytime business opportunities being offered through internet, email and social

Learn how to run a successful webinar

Running a webinar requires different planning and skills then what is needed for a face to face presentation or training. Apart from needing a computer, laptop or tablet which is connected to the internet, and a headset with a microphone,

New to webinars? This is for you!

The world is in a constant flux of change so being up to date, or ensuring others are up to date, with the latest information is becoming evermore important.  However, attending workshops, meetings and training means there is a lot

Looking to better meet your RTO’s compliance requirements in VET?

You know you and your staff are providing the quality service that your learners deserve, but gathering the evidence to demonstrate this can be cumbersome and time consuming.  However, having this evidence is extremely important in order to demonstrate that

How can implementing workplace online training support thin training markets?

More and more training is happening in the workplace, yet thin training markets, such as small businesses and regional/remote workplaces, means that it is not cost effective to offer this type of training to all businesses. Luckily, through improving high

Resources for Leading and Managing People from Anywhere

Running a business in a digital economy provides opportunities to outsource parts of your business to virtual assistants, and/or it allows your existing staff to undertake some of their work from home as ‘tele-workers’. This means your business can quickly

Don’t miss out on one of the greatest educational thinkers and researchers of our time while he’s in Australia

George Siemens, one of the greatest educational thinkers and researchers of our time, will be in Australia in August and September. George is: the ‘father’ of the Connectivism – a learning theory for the digital age among one of the