Many hands make light work. This idiom or phrase is a great motto which means that if a lot of people just does a little bit then great things can happen.

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One great example of this motto is open source software (OSS).  OSS is when computer software is licensed in such a way that anyone can “study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose” (Wikipedia).

Some common OSS systems are WordPress, Moodle and Mahara. These OSS systems are allowing people to can create websites, learning management systems and eportfolio systems (respectively), regardless of the size of the organisation.

OSS systems usually originate from the ideas and efforts of an individual or a small group of individuals. However, their long term existence as an OSS system is reliant on a ‘community’ of people to support it through the introduction of new ideas, the development of new code, and the supply of finances, to bring everything together to make it happen ie many hands make OSS system pozible (mis-spelling intentional).

Managing an OSS system is often bestowed to the originators of the OSS system, but without the help, input and contributions of the wider user community, these amazing systems would not be as popular as they are today.

This is where things like crowd-sourced funding or “crowdfunding” can make a difference to the effectiveness of an OSS system. “Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet” (Wikipedia) ie crowdfunding is making new OSS system ideas pozible.

One such example is the current call from to develop the new ‘ExperienceUp’ mobile app. ExperienceUp, an open sourced mobile app, is the next generation of the PortfolioUp mobile app. This free mobile app will allow iOS mobile device users to upload images and video to their Mahara eportfolio account to support their anywhere, anytime learning.

New ‘ExperienceUp’ mobile app crowdfunding project – are using Pozible, is an Australian-based crowdfunding which is allowing OSS projects raise the necessary funds to change ideas into reality by a lot of people doing a little bit, and making great ideas a reality.

Consider how you can be one of many doing just a little bit to make great ideas a reality by contributing to the Pozible crowdfunding.


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Changing ideas into reality: Crowdfunding makes it Pozible

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