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As more Australians need to acquire the skills and education to fully participate in the “Asian century”, educators need to be designing learning which enable learners to actively curate and manage their own learning.

This means Australian education and training organisations need to be able to:

  • Identify and understand how global meta-trends such as MOOCs are impacting education and training in this region
  • Design and develop personalised learning experiences which challenge the current status quo in education and training
  • Utilise educational models such as TPACK to enable educators to design learning  which is unique for their learners

To support this, the “Designing Learning in the Digital Age” workshop and webinar professional development program will be run again in 2013, starting in Melbourne on Wednesday 13 March.

Originally based on the ten global meta-trends identified by the New Media Consortium, 2013 “Designing Learning in the Digital” participants will help identify trends which are impacting education and training in Australia and the region.Designing Learning in the Digital Age - Preparing learners to live and work in a global world

Modelling a ‘flipped classroom’ approach, participants will be required to undertake some of their professional development prior to attending the workshop through videos, readings and forums.  This will allow participants to use their time together to collectively design and develop disruptive and transformative learning experiences.

Three webinars following the workshop will enable participants to consolidate and extend what they learned face to face.

Using creative and design thinking, participants will feel empowered to pitch and establish these new ideas within their own environments.

To enable an effective learning environment, program places are limited to 50 people.

Registrations to participate in the “Designing Learning in the Digital Age” workshop and webinar professional development program are now open at:

To receive regular information about this program go to: or follow on:

Resources from the 2012 “Designing Learning in the Digital Age” are freely available online.

More information is available at: or by contacting Allison Miller: 0400 732 270 or

Designing Learning – Preparing Learners for Living and Working in a Global World

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