Now that you have committed and finalised your online success idea and decided on which online technology you are going to use to success online, it’s time to discover more about that online technology.

Each online technology can come in different formats, models or versions.  For example there are many social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube etc, so it is important to do your due diligence before deciding on which kind, model or version of the online technology that you will finally use.

Find out the facts 

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As there are so many options to choose from about any one online technology it is important to do some research to find out the factors about each format, model or version.  Start your research by discovering how other people are using the different versions of the online technology to achieve their online success.

This research will allow you to determine all of the features and functions that you would like the online technology to have to help you succeed online.

Here is a short wish list of disruptive online technology features and functions that you may want when selecting the final version of your online technology:

Online technology Features and functions
Social Media
  • Easy to use from a mobile phone
  • Cheap but effective online advertising or promotions
  • Creative ways of communicating and connecting with different audiences
  • Opportunities to start and participate in online groups
Mobile devices
  • Easy to create (eg writing emails) as well as consume (eg reading emails
  • Value for money data plans
  • Ability to transfer files to and from the mobile phone
  • Long lasting battery
The Cloud
  • Secure, reliable and fast information transfer and storage
  • Multiple users for the one account
  • Ability to scale up and down
  • Easily collaborate with others outside of the organisation


Get everyone involved

CC0 Public Domain from geralt:
CC0 Public Domain from geralt:

People can either help or hinder any new ideas.  If adopting an online technology which other people will need to use eg managers, employees, contractors, partners, spouses,  it is very important to involve them as early as possible in the discovery stage.

By involving other people in the discovery stage enables you to get ‘buy-in’ from the very outset of your online success  journey.  This involvement will enable you to discover if there are any additional features and functions that you need to consider to cater for other people’s needs when using the online technology.  

It will also allow you to draw on the knowledge, experiences and networks of a greater number of people when doing your research, and it will allow you to distribute the discovery workload as you delegate responsibility to find out information about the online technology to others.  It is also important to involve these people in helping you make the final decision for even better buy-in when the online technology comes on board.


Funding the decision 

CC-BY image by Michael Coghlan:
CC-BY image by Michael Coghlan:

Once you have done your research and gathered as much information as possible , it’s now time to make a decision from the range of choices you have as to which format, model or version of your online technology that you will select.  

As part of your decision making process, consider the costs involved in using the online technology, including any upfront and ongoing costs.  Also consider the costs involved in getting the online technology up and running eg personalising your profile settings or contracts, and in training others to use the new online technology.

This funding can come from your existing finances or if it is a larger online technology decision, getting a small loan may be necessary. You may also have the option of monthly payments for some online technologies.


Don’t procrastinate and plan to succeed

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CC-BY image from:

Once you have done your due diligence, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”. Have the confidence to make a decision and stick with it. Everything you have done up until now has provided you with the impetus, imagine and information to get to this decision, so back yourself.

Now that you have narrowed down which format, model or version of your online technology for online success you are going to use,  give its implementation time to work its magic in helping achieve your online success.  


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Discover more about the online technology which will help you succeed online

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