George Siemens, one of the greatest educational thinkers and researchers of our time, will be in Australia in August and September.

George is:

  • the ‘father’ of the Connectivism – a learning theory for the digital age

    From Alan Levine’s @cogdog Australian Flexible Learning Framework Tour October 2007 Presentation slides
  • among one of the first to facilitate a MOOC
  • leading the international Society for Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR)

While in Australia, George will be a guest presenter at Designing Learning in the Digital Age” in Sydney on 21 August.  George’s presentation is titled “Changing pedagogical practice through open and participatory learning approaches”.  George will also be answering all of your questions about changing educational practices in the digital age.

George will also be in Adelaide on 4 September for two events:

You can view the quality of his presentation work via his most recent presentation slides.

From George Siemens’ “Art, Technology, Networks and the Future of Higher Education” Presentation

At all of these event you will be able to interact and ask questions of George on topics such as MOOCs, learning analytics and his educational theory of Connectivism.

Hope you can join us.

Don’t miss out on one of the greatest educational thinkers and researchers of our time while he’s in Australia
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