Assessment is a vital part of any education and training program so doing it well is so important from both an educational, professional development and compliance perspective

Contact us now to ensure your online assessment processes meet assessment best practice, including the
Principles of assessment
Rules of Evidence 

We specialise in converting written assessments into online assessments

We also offer the following consultancy services:

  • We can design and development your assessment tools
  • We can implement, review and/or manage your assessment validation and moderation processes to ensure they are compliant with the Standards for RTOs
  • We can undertake an online Assessment Risk Management Analysis and prepare an online Assessment Risk Action Strategy, especially recommended for high risk units

We deliver workshops/webinars and offer coaching/mentoring services to train you to effectively:

  • Design and development the right assessment tools for your industry and that meet your Training Package/Curriculum requirements
  • Implement assessment validation processes to ensure your assessment tools are compliant with the Standards for RTOs


Want to know more about good online and face to face assessment processes?

Contact us for more information:

Allison Miller – 0400 732 270 or

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