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We live in a time of constant change.  Keeping abreast of all we need to know in our workplaces and communities is an ever present challenge. We are living and working socially networked lives, where knowing how to source information can be just as important as actually knowing the information itself.

Organisations recognise this and can no longer afford to over-invest in traditional learning and development methodologies to up skill their staff.  To help future-proof themselves, organisations need staff who have the skills to learn quickly and who can transfer their existing skills and knowledge when new and emergent practices are required.

Our current education and training systems, however, do not adequately prepare our learners for this type of world, and major disruptions are occurring through:

  • free and open learning opportunities (eg MOOCs etc)
  • peer to peer accreditation (eg open badges)
  • the need to develop independent learners

The Creating Connected Learning Environments (CCLE) program recognises this changing environment. This 6 week online program shows how a connected learning environment can better prepare people to be ‘networked’ lifelong learners.

The CCLE program enables participants to work in a collaborative online learning environment, and the opportunity to design and deliver connected learning environments. This experience will help move their programs from environments of knowledge transfer to learning environments which foster knowledge development and innovation.

The facilitators of this program recognise that this is a double edged sword. They acknowledge that connected learning can bring a level of complexity and diversity of ideas that may cause information overload, but will share their own practices and strategies to help participants develop effective connected learning environments.

What will you get out of this program?

If you’re a teacher or community leader, expect new methods for teaching, learning and assessment and the ability to relate your work with emerging themes and issues.

If you’re a representative or civic worker, expect new methods for service delivery and evaluating public sentiment.

If you’re a researcher or journalist, expect new methods for data management, evaluation and publication.

Creating Connected Learning Environments is an opportunity to learn with some of the most experienced practitioners in Australia.

For more detail please read the following information. We look forward to having your involved in this program.

Program structure:

To enable an effective learning environment, the program would be limited to 20 participants who will participate in:

  • Online induction: a webinar to ensure people can login in to all of the online spaces
  • Pre-Induction / workshop activities and communication strategies: eg introductory forums, supply of pre-program learning materials
  • One hour fortnightly webinars and activities:  These targeted webinars provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to create CLEs:
  • Participating in an connected learning network
  • Designing connected learning environments
  • Delivering and connecting connected learning environments
  • Weekly communications and tasks:  designed to encourage networking and sharing among the participants, as well as helping participants remain motivated and on task, through one-on-one tuition

Program Facilitators:

Michael Coghlan has been working as a creator, facilitator and thinker around e-learning environments since 1997, while Allison Miller has been involved in education and training for more than twenty years as an educator, change manager, and e-learning leader and innovator.

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