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#DLDA – Preparing learners for living and working in a digital economy

As all Australians need to acquire the skills and education to fully participate in a global digital economy, which requires our learners to be able to actively curating and managing their own learning.

This means that all Australian education and training organisations need to be able to:

  • Identify and understand how global meta-trends are impacting education and training in this region
  • Design and develop learning experiences which challenge the current status quo in education and training
  • Utilise educational models which enable educators to design learning in the digital age which are unique for their learners

“Designing Learning in the Digital” participants will help identify the trends impacting education and training in Australia.

Modelling a ‘flipped learning’ approach, participants will be required to undertake some of their professional development prior to attending the workshop through videos, readings and forums.

This will allow participants to use their time together to collectively design and develop disruptive and transformative learning experiences.

Three webinars will follow the workshop to enable participants to consolidate and extend  their face to face learning.

Using creative and design thinking, participants will feel empowered to pitch and establish these new ideas within their own environments.

To enable an effective workshop environment, places are limited to 50 people.

Participants are encouraged to bring along a laptop, notebook or tablet for an interactive experience. 

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