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Australian education and training organisations face many challenges in attracting, retaining and engaging diverse cohorts of learners.

Flipped Learning Design Program – Engaging learners in a digital world
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To manage these challenges, Australian  education organisations need to be able to deliver new and evolved flexible and blended delivery models which enable them to support the changing needs of their learners, including those with from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

As part of this changing environment, educators need to be able to design, deliver and support new delivery models which prepare their learners for living and working in a digital world.

Flipped Learning Design (workshop and webinar) Program:

The “Flipped Learning Design” workshop and webinar program supports this need, and is based on case studies and resources utilised to support flexible and blended delivery options.

Flipped learning occurs when key learning materials normally covered in class are provided for completion elsewhere, leaving the valuable face-to-face time for interactive discussions and application of content. This model maximises learners’ opportunities to progress at their own pace, and then apply their learning in a supportive mentored environment.

Run this program to familiarise your staff about flipped learning design and identify simple strategies to create a new dynamic experience for your learners.


Flipped Learning Design Program – Designing evolving flexible learning environments
Photo CC-BY Vanguard Visions Consulting

What does the program involve?

Modelling a ‘flipped learning’ approach, “Flipped Learning Design” program participants undertake some of their professional development prior to attending a face to face workshop through recordings, readings and forums.  This allows participants to use their time together to collectively design and develop flipped learning sessions.

Two follow-up webinars and ongoing support via online forums allow participants to consolidate and extend their learning beyond the face to face workshop.

Through the use of creative design thinking and access to planning tools and templates, participants develop an action plan which addresses a real need from within their own work environments.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will have:

  • Designed flipped learning sessions which incorporates blended delivery and assessment activities that meets their learners’ needs

  • Researched implementation and evaluation strategies to implement their flipped learning sessions

Comment from past program participants:

“This was a great example of an outcome-focussed learning program, with lots of interaction, lots of ideas, good energy, with a strong link with action – great example of linking face-to-face learning with online tools”, Queensland VET Development Centre participant


“Very exciting, inspiring, opened my mind to other possibilities”, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE participant


“Definitely think all teaching staff who are willing to accept and embrace change need to attend this PD”, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE participant


“The workshop provided (us) with a greater idea of the range of ways in which flipping might be used”, Queensland VET Development Centre participant


“Was able to apply the activities to (the) current problems we are facing in our team with current and new delivery”, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE participant

Program Overview:

  • Pre-workshop: Participants review online pre-workshop materials and participate in online forums
  • Face to face workshop – Participants attend a face to face, interactive workshop either in your organisation or at a convenient venue near your organisation. Participants are encouraged to bring along a laptop, notebook or tablet for an interactive experience.
  • Post workshop webinars – Participants attend (or view recording) interactive webinars to further their implementation of flipped learning design.

Participants will be encouraged to work on and do research about the flipped learning sessions between session.

Workshop Presenters & Facilitators:


Michael Coghlan

Michael Coghlan

Michael Coghlan has been working as a creator, facilitator and thinker around elearning environments since 1997.

He was a co-founder of the Webheads online community, and currently works as an elearning facilitator for the adult vocational and training sector in Australia, and as an independent elearning consultant.

Michael has presented at several national and international conferences as a keynote or invited speaker, and designed and delivered courses on English as a Second Language (ESL), Facilitating Online, and New Learning Technologies.

He has facilitated several state and national elearning projects, and is a member of the Australian Horizon Report advisory board. He was recently invited to join a group of 100 educators for a Global Education Retreat in Austin, Texas sponsored by the New Media Consortium to discuss the impact of technology on education.  He also writes songs, and loves posting photographs to Flickr!

Michael has been described as “one of the few educators in Australia who has a realistic view of what is possible with technology and education.”


Allison Miller is the Director and Lead Consultant of Digital Capability.

Allison Miller from Vanguard Visions Consulting

Allison Miller

Allison has been involved in education and training for more than twenty years as an educator, change manager, and e-learning leader and innovator.

Her previous roles include:

  • Higher Qualification Pathways Business Manager for the National VET E-learning Strategy
  • E-portfolios Business Manager, Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  • South Australian Innovations Coordinator, Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  • Inclusive e-Learning for Youth Project Manager, Australian Flexible Learning Framework

Prior to this she was the E-Learning Development Coordinator for TAFE SA, as well as a facilitator in the Business Services Department.  Allison started her professional career as a Business Education teacher with the South Australian Department of Education and Child Development.

Allison also has financial and administrative industry and community leadership experience.  Allison has a Master of Learning & Development.


The Flipped Learning Design program includes:

  • Pre-workshop and on-going activities
  • Full day interactive workshop
  • Program resources and templates
  • 2 x 1 hr webinar sessions (and recordings)

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