Australian higher education organisations face many challenges in attracting and retaining diverse cohorts of students.  As part of these challenges, Australian higher education organisations need to be able to deliver new and evolved flexible delivery models which enable them to support the changing needs of their students, including those with from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

As part of this changing environment, educators need to be able to design, deliver and support new delivery models which attract and retain learners.

The “Flipped Learning Design” workshop and webinar program (FLD) supports this need, and is based on case studies and resources already utilised to support flexible delivery opportunities.

Program Details

Program Overview:

Modelling a ‘flipped learning’ approach, FLD participants undertake some of their professional development prior to attending a face to face half-day workshop through recordings, readings and forums.  This allows participants to use their time together to collectively design and develop flipped learning programs.

Three webinars and ongoing support via online forums following the face-to-face workshop allow participants to consolidate and extend their learning.

Through the use of creative design thinking and access to planning tools and templates, participants develop an action plan which addresses a real need from within their own work environments.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will have:

  • Researched and designed a program which incorporates contemporary delivery and assessment pedagogies that meets their students’ needs
  • Researched implementation and evaluation strategies to support innovative and responsive learning and assessment approaches appropriate for their learners

Program Outline:

  • Pre-workshop activities and communication strategies: eg introductory forums, supply of pre-workshop learning materials
  • Half-day workshop: delivered at UniSA Hawke Centre for participants to investigate effective flexible delivery options and develop an action plan.
  • Three x one hour post-workshop webinars: these ‘Making it all Stick’ post-workshop webinars support participants to further research, refine, implement and evaluate the action plan developed in the half-day workshop

Participants will be encouraged to network with one another through the online synchronous and asynchronous activities.

Program Schedule:

The program is run over a seven week period:

  • Weeks 1-2 – Pre-workshop activities
  • Week 3 – Half-day workshop
  • Week 4 – Time to work on action plan
  • Weeks 5-7 – Post workshop webinars

Program Resources:

  • Participants are provided with all relevant learning materials, templates and tools, either as paper-based resources at the half-day workshops and/or digitally through this UniSA online.
  • Participants will be advised to bring their own device (BYOD eg laptop or tablet) to the half-day workshop to enable interactive and productive sessions.
  • Wi-Fi will be available for the half-day workshop at the Hawke Centre.
  • The webinars will be held in UniSA’s Adobe Connect.

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