Does your Moodle support quality teaching and learning? 


Let us help you find out.

Moodle learning management system provides a great online space to support quality teaching and learning but it is often under-utilised, with most of it’s ‘killer features’ left unused.

When your Moodle is set-up and used effectively it can provide the evidence you need to demonstrate to regulatory bodies, such as ASQA, TEQSA, Professional Agencies), of your quality teaching and learning programs by:

  • monitoring and measuring educational engagement, and
  • tracking formative and summative assessment processes

Contact us now to book your Moodle – Quality Teaching and Health Check, and make sure you are getting the best value out of your Moodle system.

Allison Miller
Allison Miller

Our Moodle – Quality Teaching and Learning Health Check service is led by Allison Miller, Director and Principal Consultant for Digital Capability.

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