Personal online spaces or ePortfolios are becoming more popular in education and training as a way of helping people manage their own learning and evidence, and are essential in a constantly changing digital world.

To support this growing need, the ePortfolios program, using Mahara v1.4, has been designed to help educators and trainers:

The ePortfolios program using Mahara will commence with workshops in Sydney on 30/31 August where participants will develop an understanding of the practicalities of using the Mahara ePortfolio system for learning and assessment.  These workshops will be followed up with two online workshops and on-going support as part of the program.

The ePortfolios workshops will be run by Allison Miller.  Allison will be supported by Carole McCulloch to facilitate the online components of the program.  Participants will need to bring their own laptop but wifi will be provided.

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About: This ePortfolios professional development program is part of Digital Capability – Doing it Smarter, an online community supporting the development of digital capability, awareness and expertise to enable people to work and learn smarter using technology and the internet.

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Eportfolios as personal online spaces – Sydney Workshops

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