There are endless Eportfolio Publications, but here are a few which you may find useful.

Eportfolio Books

Documenting Learning with Eportfolios
Tracy Penny Light, Helen L. Chen, John C. Ittelson 2011

Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment
Darren Cambridge 2010

The E-Portfolio Paradigm: Informing, Educating, Assessing, and Managing With E-Portfolios
Edited by Nicole Buzzett0-More 2010

Electronic Portfolios 2.0: Emergent Research on Implementation and Impact
Darren Cambridge, Barbara L. Cambridge, Kathleen Blake Yancey 2009

Eportfolio System Books

Mahara ePortfolios: Beginner’s Guide
Richard Hand, Thomas Bell, Derrin Kent 2012

Mahara 1.4 Cookbook
Ellen-Marie Murphy 2011

Shane Sutherland, Jane Brotchie, Sarah Chesney 2011

Eportfolio Journals

International Journal of Eportfolio

AAEEBL “Learner” Newsletter

Mahara Newsletter

PebblePad’s “Paddling Around” Newsletter

2011 ePortfolios Australia Conference eBook (PDF)
Perth, Australia

2010 ePortfolios Australia Conference eBook (PDF)
Melbourne, Australia

ePortfolio and Identity Conference Proceedings

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