Successful people don’t just win the jackpot or fall into their success, they achieve their success by setting targets that they then aim for and FIRE!!  

CC-BY Image: 3D Bullseye by Chris Potter -
CC-BY Image: 3D Bullseye by Chris Potter –

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s the right time to take stock of what this year has held for you and to look forward to what 2016 could hold for you, and so you too can hit your mark of success.

Here are four easy steps (and tools) to ensure you succeed at whatever you wish to achieve in 2016 (and beyond):

1. Review your 2015 achievements through your online calendar

But what did your 2015 look like?  How many goals did you achieve?  

Your diary or calendar holds so much information about what you have done in 2015.  If your calendar is digital and online, you can do this step during some down time eg travelling on a bus/train or waiting in a queue.

Web-based diaries, such as Google calendar, iCloud calendar or Outlook calendar, enable you to schedule appointments and allocate time to manage your workloads.  They also allow you to:

  • colour coordinate your appointments for ease of reference
  • set reminders which ‘ping’ you to do something, and
  • easily create repeat events in one scheduling.

Your online calendar also allows you to view your achievements through any web-enabled device.  You can set it up to view your entries in daily, weekly and monthly formats or in an agenda like view format.  This makes reviewing what you have achieved in 2015 very quick because you scan your year one month at a time.

If you didn’t use an online calendar, then make it one of your 2016 New Year’s revolutions to start one.  You’ll be amazed at the efficiencies that an onlnie calendar offers over its traditional paper-based version in terms of improved productivity by allowing you to make the best use of your time.

2. Set your 2016 goals using Evernote

Achieving your long term goals comes through incremental steps.  Initially you need to set the big target – the ‘it’s ok to dream big’ goal – of where you would like to be in 3-5 years time.  If you haven’t yet allowed yourself to dream BIG – then start now.  And remember, it’s better to aim high because then if you don’t quite hit your mark, you’re still going to be a huge success.

CC0 Public Domain by Alexas_Fotos -
CC0 Public Domain by Alexas_Fotos –

Once you have your ‘Dream Big’ goal, you now need to break it up into annual, quarterly, weekly and daily goals, and the best tool to do this is Evernote.  Evernote is a web-based, 24/7 digital notebook which allows you to record and manage notes without having to remember where you recorded everything as it is so easy to search.  And, because it’s digital, you can easily change it, share it and duplicate it within seconds.

You then use your online calendar to schedule yourself reminders about when you should have achieved each of these incremental steps or ‘Little dream’ goals towards your ‘Dream Big’ goal.

Recording your ‘Dream Big’ plan in Evernote means that you can always refer to it and update it, when required.  Within your ‘Dream Big’ plan in Evernote, you can clearly highlight what you are going to achieve for 2016.

3. Seek input into your goals

Dreaming about what you would like to achieve is the first step to your success.  Writing your goals down dramatically increases your likelihood of achieving these goals.  Sharing your goals with other people exponentially increases their achievability as now you are accountable to some other than yourself about achieving your goals.  Getting people’s input into your goals almost assures your goal’s success, as now you have buy in from others about how to achieve them.

Once you have set up your 2016 (and beyond) goals in Evernote, you can then use Google Docs and Google Forms to get other people’s feedback.  Getting feedback in a digital format enables people to provide you with honest feedback as they can do it anonymously.

Google Docs is a web-based word processing document which allows you to share your work with anyone who is connected to the internet.  You can also allow people to edit your goals directly in the Google Doc.

If you’re not comfortable about people editing your Google Doc, then send them the ‘view only’ version, and create a Google Form.  Google Form is a free online survey tool which allows people to answer questions and give their feedback about your goals.

4. Revisit and update your online profiles

Social media has helped us connect and share our lives in many different ways to grow our online networks. This means we have also increased our digital footprint through these online profiles.  However, as we grow

CC-BY Image: Footprint water -
CC-BY Image: Footprint water –

and succeed, we also change, and with that, so should our online profiles, so it is important to take the time to make a list of where you currently have your online profiles.   

From this list, determine which of your online profiles are going to be your professional profiles (eg LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr) and which are going to be your social profiles (eg Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).

Now that you have narrowed which will be your online professional profiles, review how you describe yourself in each of them, and determine how well they reflect your Big Dream and Little Dream goals.  If you have a website or a blog – ensure you review these profiles as well.  It is important that your message is consistent across all of your online professional profiles, as humans need consistency to build trust and relationships.

Why wait?

In a few weeks time 2015 will be over. Matthew Michalewicz’s book ‘Life in half a second’ points out that while some of us may be lucky enough to live on the planet for 80 years or more, in the grand scheme of things, these 80 years are but a dot on the continuum of human’s time on Earth.   He also points out that these years fly by very quickly.  Consider: where did 2015 go and what do you what to achieve in 2016?

Don’t waste your half second.  Spend some time over the Silly season scoping out how you are going to succeed in 2016 (and beyond) using these four easy steps (and tools).


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Four easy steps (and tools) to succeed in 2016 (and beyond)

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