Recognising and understanding that you can use technology to solve a pain point or achieve a gain point is the first step to your online success.  However, setting and refining your online success ideas can take a bit of work, so here are four helpful hints to help you along the way.

1. Work with and listen to others 

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The one thing about setting and refining your online success ideas is that many people have been there before you, so make use of this wisdom and experience by working with and listening to others.  

People are a good source of support, including:

  • coaches / mentors who specialise in working with people like you
  • advisors at business and career development centres whose role it is to help you
  • successful people who share their stories at networking events, in articles and books
  • attending workshops and webinar aimed at helping you achieve your goals

Also consider working with groups of people because as Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, as a collective group, people are more likely to come up with better ideas than individuals working in isolation.  

This can be because:

  • there are opportunities to create environments which help release ideas (think De Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats)
  • one person’s idea can sprout another idea in someone else’s mind
  • there is accountability because the idea is out in the open

2. Make the time to do it 

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Setting and refining your online success ideas is important, so make time to do this.  

Consider where and when you do your best thinking and creating. It can be when you are:

  • walking / running / working out
  • listening to music
  • creating something else eg knitting, sewing
  • mediating  
  • washing the dishes or gardening

This time can sometimes be when you are not thinking eg when you are driving home or catching a bus.

Wherever it may be, making the time to think through your ideas for online success will ensure you are on the right track.

3. Ways to determine which online technology to use 

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Deciding on which online technologies to pursue and which online technologies you wont is important.  The simplest way to do this is to consider the pros and cons of each possible online technology.

As an example, let’s use the three most disruptive online technologies impacting people and business today to demonstrate the benefits and limitations of how they can help solve a pain point (increasing revenue / getting a job) or a gain points (being the best business / getting a better job):  

Using technology to solving a pain point or achieve a gain



Social media can connect with lots of people and be in the front of lots of people’s minds competing with a lot of ‘white noise’ and need to be consistently active
Mobile phones can communicate with people in many different way 24/7 people expect instant responses regardless of the time or day  
The Cloud can access and process information from anywhere and from any device hard to achieve work/life balance

This process helps you to determine whether a benefit outweighs a limitation when deciding which online technology to use to help you succeed online.  If you still cannot decide, it’s at this point that you should also ask for other people’s input.

Remember this process can be used when deciding on any type of online technology or major decision that may need to make.

4. Take the leap of faith

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It’s time now to commit and finalise your online success idea and decide on which online technology you are going to use to solve your pain point or achieve your gain point.  

Whatever you decide to do, remember to use the pain point/gain point to stay focussed on why are going down this path.

You can now ready to move onto the next stage of your online success by gathering the information about the online technology which will help you succeed online.  More about that next time.



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Four helpful hints for refining your online success ideas

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