Many of us know that we should be using more online technology to improve our selves and/or our businesses.  However, many of us are also put off by the thought of having to learn something new or to change our status quo.

If, however, you follow these four simple steps you will be well on your way to online success with whatever online technology you choose to use.

  1. Develop IDEAS about why and how to succeed online

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You are much more likely to change your behaviour if the change helps you relieve a ‘pain’ point ie working too hard, or helps you to achieve a ‘gain’ point ie more business/job opportunities, so having an idea of why and how you need to change is very important.  Understanding this provides you with the desire for change, and helps you determine how to change.

Some call this your goal-setting stagebecause it is at this point that you take the time to think about why and how you need to be successful online by setting yourself a goal or target.  This happens by thinking about what life will be like when online success has been achieved ie you have more time/sales and/or you have snared your ideal job or client.

This stage also provides you with a concept of how to change and the direction in which to move to create online success.  It also gives you a benchmark by which you know you have reached your goal or your desired outcome.

  1. Gather INFORMATION about online technologies which help you succeed online

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Once you have determined why and how you need to change, you then need to gather information about possible online technology solutions which can help you succeed online.  This online technology solution could be: creating a website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile to help promote what you do and/or using an online site or mobile app so you and/or your team can work smarter.

Let’s call this your discovery stage as it involves finding out more about the online solution.  This happens by ‘googling’ what others are doing and by speaking to others in the know. If your change involves other people (eg staff, partners, suppliers etc) you also need to involve these people at this stage so they have input into the decision about the online technology solution.

Involving these key stakeholders at this point ensures you consider all of the requirements needed to make this change an online success.  It also allows you to get buy in by those affected by incorporating their ideas into a shared goal before any final decisions are made.  After comparing some different online technology options, a decision about which one should also happen at this point.

  1. Start to INTEGRATE the online technology into what you do

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You now know which online technology solution you are going to use, so it is time to integrate the online technology into your everyday practices.  This takes discipline and a determination to stay focussed on your goal and constantly reviewing your reason for changing.

As this is the design stage it is important to map out the steps needed for successful integration of the online technology.  This could be something as simple as factoring in the time to learn and use the online technology, or by writing down the steps and resources needed to enable the change to happen.

If the integration impacts others, carefully communicate the process and provide appropriate training and support, or determine whether recruitment or subcontracting will be required.  Identifying what information or data will be used to measure your online success will also need to be determined at this stage.

  1. Monitor the IMPACT of the online technology and your online success

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True online success will only be known when you review the impact of your efforts and determine whether using the online technology has been worthwhile.  This requires monitoring and measuring what has been achieved through the integration of the online technology.

This evaluation stage allows you to recognise and reward yourself (and others) of the achievements you have made towards your original goal.  This stage also allows you to determine whether any tweaks need to be made to the online technology or the processes implemented to reach your goal for online success.

Taking the time to consider your successes and learnings provides you with an insight into how to grow yourself and/or your business even further.  Remember, however, that the online technology is not the driver of your online success – you are, and this takes time, so factor this in. The online technology is only the vehicle to your online success so ensure you use it to get you there.


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Four simple steps to online success

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