Networking online helps to keep you front of mind to a wider audience.  It also helps to social proof who you are and what you do. This means that when someone is looking for your type of product or service then you will be one of the first people they remember.  They will then either research more about you or they will get in contact with you.

Original CC-BY image from Wikimedia Commons - Jumping for Joy -
Original CC-BY image from Wikimedia Commons – Jumping for Joy –

In a social media obsessed world, where everyone is sharing everything, getting people’s attention can be tricky, so here are some useful tips:

Help people gain or solve their pain

In a ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM) world, people filter information by looking things which will help them either gain something pleasurable or interesting, or, to help them solve a pain or problem, whether that be physically, emotional, social or financial. So consider whether your online network is looking to gain something or have their pain solved to help you choose the right information to share with them.

Don’t worry about not having lots of information to share.  ‘Google Alerts’ can provide you with the latest information of interest as it pops up on the net.  This is a free service which trolls the internet every minute of every day, and then emails you with the latest links to information based on the keywords or topics that you have asked it to inform you about.

Inspire or shock

Once you know the theme or interest area which will help your network gain or solve their pain, and you have sourced some interesting links from Google Alerts or elsewhere, you then need to present the information is such a way that it will inspire or shock your network.

Inspiring your network can be done through motivating quotes or updates about good news stories.  Shocking your network can be done through facts and figures which puts the fear of god into them or similar. Knowing whether to inspire or shock your network will depend on who you are trying to connect with online. These inspirational or shock punches doesn’t have to be just words.  Think images, video and useful links.

CC0 Public Domain image from Pixabay by PublicDomainPictures -
CC0 Public Domain image from Pixabay by PublicDomainPictures –

Give to get

People are so used to getting things for free online such as free email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail etc, and free social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.  With that in mind, consider what you give people to get their attention in the way of information, checklists, how to videos etc.

The spin off of giving away something online which people find really interesting or useful is that it could go viral.  That is, people share what you have given them with their network, and then their network does the same to the point that it could be seen and shared by hundred, thousands or even millions of people.  Now that kind of exposure has got to be useful right!!

Share and care

Social media has moved the internet from a one to many mode of communication to a shared community space.  This means you can connect with people everywhere and with the most unlikely people such as major influencers, key decision-makers and even celebrities.  To be a part of the social media community though means that you need to share and care about your network.

People in your network don’t just want to hear from you, they want to speak with you and know that you care about them.  You do this by sharing, retweeting and liking the posts your network puts out.  This doesn’t mean that you need to share or like every post.  What is does mean is you should share and care about posts that relate to the first three points of this post (eg pain/gain, inspire/shock, give/get) and that you know will be of interest to your network.

Go beyond social media

Social media offers amazing ways of getting people’s attention online, but these spaces are not the only places that you should be networking with people online.  The web also offers other ways to do this, such as writing blog or vlog (video blogs) posts, doing online presentations or giving away free images, and through personalised and targeted email communications.  This will ensure you have a diverse online footprint.

Also, don’t forget your offline networking like attending local business events and having coffee meetings. Make sure you take your business cards with you which have links to your online profiles so you can continue the networking with the people you meet face to face online.


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Getting people’s attention in a social media obsessed world
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