The internet has changed how people communicate with one another forever, and communications have moved from a one to many model, which has been dominated by mainstream media like TV, radio and newspapers, to a many to many model, where anyone can publish and broadcast anything on the net, at any time.

CC-BY Image - Social Network by Neil Cummings -
CC-BY Image – Social Network by Neil Cummings –

This many to many broadcasting means businesses like yours can communicate with their customers online in new and exciting ways, as well as attract new business prospects through organic searches on the web.

Two great ways your can grow your business online is by communicating with customers through:

  •        Online journals or ‘blogs’
  •        Online videos

Online journals or ‘blogs’

Online journals or ‘blogs’ provide an opportunity to share useful and unique information which appears in reverse chronological order on a single page.  These spaces are often used to provoke conversation, controversy and/or provide customer service through regular updates, latest news or ‘posts’.

People can either subscribe to receive email notifications about new posts, or they can subscribe to have new posts ‘pushed’ to their blog reader or individual landing page.

Blog posts allow you as the business owner to give some of your knowledge or expertise to gain ‘street cred’ or market leadership in their industry.

Blogs are also useful as part of an existing website, as they allow new content to be added to the site without having to consider where it will sit within the site map.  Having new/updated content on your website helps to increase your search engine optimisation (SEO) ie how people find you on the net.

The more popular blog publishing services at the moment are:

  • Blogger – Blogger is owned by Google, so if you have a Google account, setting up a Blogger blog is quick.
  • Tumblr – Tumblr is good to draw multimedia and other content from across a number of other sites to form a blog.
  • WordPress – WordPress is an open source blogging platform which can also function as a business website.

All of these blogging platforms are free to set-up and relatively easy to use.

Online Videos
On the internet, visual content is king, and there is no better way to be visual on the web than through videos.

CC-BY Image - student_ipad_school - 154 by Brad Flickinger -
CC-BY Image – student_ipad_school – 154 by Brad Flickinger –

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and with online video you can share anything from how to tutorials to video-mercials (video commercials) via your online video ‘channel’.  Online video sites also allow people to interact with your business through commenting, rating and through the sharing of your videos.

A unique, well-constructed online video can help your online message go ‘viral’ to millions of people in a matter of days.

As the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube, and other online video sites like Vimeo and Yahoo! Screen, are testament that video is a viable way to communicate key messages to your customers in a unique way.

You can either join one of these online video sites to broadcast your videos.  Or, you can broadcast your online videos from your blog, website or through popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  However, as video files are quite large and come in various formats, broadcasting your own online videos may cause some issue than just using an online video site like YouTube.

Either way, good videos can be expensive to produce, and requires a lot of upfront planning or ‘storyboarding’ and scripting, even before the recording of the video gets started.


The internet provides new and exciting ways in which your business can communicate with its customers.  Communicating online allows you to build a two communication channel like never before so consider how these medium can help you attract more business online.


Want to learn more about how to grow your business online?

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Grow your business online by communicating with your customers
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