Leigh Blackall, a leader in facilitating radical ideas in education, will be a guest presenter as part of the Designing Learning in the Digital Age (#DLDA) Workshop and Webinar Program starting in Melbourne on Wednesday 13 March.

Leigh has a long history of facilitating change in education, doing so as an educational designer and co-leader in one of the first MOOCs in 2008 called “Facilitating Online” while at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Leigh also presented “Teaching is dead – Long live learning” at the Global Summit in Melbourne in 2006 to inspire others about using the internet in education through “networked learning”.

Leigh has been working on an “Open-PhD” on Networked Learning, and developed the Open Education Practices: A User Guide for Organisations while at the University of Canberra.

Leigh’s recent work at La Trobe University is helping to raise awareness about:

  • Separating teaching and assessment for a better learning experience
  • Creating and using open educational resources for more free learning but fee education
  • Enveloped learning to allow the accumulation a degree/qualification through a range of experiences
  • Branding of the educators behind an institution, and letting open educational resources do the marketing
  • Cross-fertilizing faculty staff projects to break-down silos in large organisations

Leigh will share his ideas and strategies for disrupting and transforming traditional education and training as part of the Designing Learning in the Digital Age (#DLDA) Workshop and Webinar Program.

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Event registration: 2013dlda.eventbrite.com.au/#

More Event information:  designinglearning.com.au or contact Allison Miller on 0400 732 270 or admin@digitalcapability.com.au

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Leigh Blackall to present at Designing Learning in the Digital Age

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