Businesses are expecting massive change in the way they do business due to the National Broadband Network (NBN).

NBN Roll-out map – by Dushan & Miae

Around two-thirds of Australian industries will experience significant digital disruption through the NBN as well as through the use of smartphones and tablets, social media and cloud computing.

These changes offer businesses:

  • new geographical markets
  • new customers
  • improved customer engagement, and
  • changes in the way and where work is performed

Changing markets and business models created through the emerging digital economy means that is is crucial that every business prepares itself now, and not wait until the NBN reaches their premises, to maximise the opportunities afforded through the NBN (Deloitte Access Economics, 2013).

To support this need, Vanguard Visions Consulting is running a series of “NBN Business Readiness – Workshops and Webinars” during May through to July.

Those businesses which are NBN-ready will reap the benefits of:

  • lower telecommunication costs
  • increased market share
  • enlarged potential workforce
  • improved communications with consumers

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* Source: Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd (April 2013), NBN Business Readiness Survey in 2013, Macquarie Telecom

NBN expected to create massive change in the way we do business

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