You’ve come on a journey over the last four months of setting and achieving your goals for online success based on:

It’s now time to evaluate whether your online success has been all worthwhile and moving forward, by:

  1. Analysing data as your point of difference 

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Data to your business is like the blood to your body.  You know it’s there but you don’t pay too much attention to it. However, this mindset can be the death nail to both you and your business if you don’t monitor it properly to ensure it is healthy.

One of the killer features of online technologies is that they gather a lot of data through logs and reports.  Data from websites, social media sites and Google Analytics provides you with insights into:

  • Who is interested in your business
  • How people are finding your business online, and
  • How they are interacting with your online information

When analysing your data analytics, determine how your online success is providing your business with a point of difference from your competitors.  This data should be used to complement traditional data such as financial reports.

  1. Planning for the solution after next

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One thing the second decade of the 21st Century hasn’t been is a time to sit and watch.  Change is the only constant, so listening to business and consumer trends, and futurists, will help you plan for your solution after next.

A solution after next starts by determining what you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years, and then when making decisions about how to get there.  You need to take into consideration what the world and your business will be like in the time period after that eg in about 8-10 years.

By taking into account likely situations and solutions of the future, this will influence the decisions that you make now and ensure that have the horizon in sight, looking for those oncoming disruptors to you and your business.

  1. Being a “give it a go to grow” business 

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    CC0 Public Domain image by bykst –

Your journey for online success has hopefully highlighted that you need a “give it a go to grow” attitude.  That is, growing from a business perspective, as well as an individual perspective.

Successful entrepreneurs will tell you to “fail fast, learn quickly and move on”.  You should apply this mindset to your journey for online success.  You need to recognise that there are trials and tribulations when having a go, but taking a risk and learning something is better than just pondering what could have been.

Encouraging your staff to have a ‘give it a go to grow’ attitude is important.  Preparing them to work in semi-autonomous team environment, where they are empowered through systems and guidance to run your business will enable you to grow your business very quickly.

  1. Recognise, reward, recognise, reward

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CC0 Public Domain image from

People are the heart and sole of our business, whether they be advocates, customers, suppliers or staff.  Without them, there is no business, so recognising and rewarding people for their efforts is the key to your online success.

Recognition and reward for online success does not always have to be managed and administering by you.  Creating recognition and reward frameworks such as:

  • Referral / loyalty schemes for advocates and customers
  • Quality product / service awards for suppliers
  • Exceptional customer service celebrations for staff

means that anyone in your organisation can instigate the recognition and reward process, and build a celebratory business environment.

Having these frameworks in place will help your business retain all of these key stakeholders.  These frameworks should also recognise and reward people who have taken a ‘give it a go to grow’ approach, and may be not succeeded.  This will encourage others to try something new to improve the business.


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Online success: Evaluating the journey and moving forward
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