Examples of Digital Capability’s Work

Digital Capability runs a wide range of e-business and e-learning professional development workshops and webinar programs, and consultancy services:

Our E-business Workshops and Webinars:

E-business webinars we run for ACPET:

  • Assessment in VET – 3 part series
  • Blogging brings your RTO business – but how?
  • Email Marketing – Down well, it’s still very effective
  • Implementing Online customer service strategies
  • Tips and tricks to build LLN capacity in adult learners
  • Managing the risk of using the Cloud
  • Marking online – tips and tricks to provide better student feedback
  • Planning and facilitating a webinar
  • Running your RTO business from anywhere
  • Selecting the right website developer and search engine optimisation person
  • Staff development planning in a digital economy
  • The Cloud + More
  • Using an eportfolio approach in higher education

E-business workshops and webinars we run for Eastside Business Enterprise Centre:

  • Choosing the right website developer and SEO expert
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Email marketing – Done well, it’s still very effective
  • Getting your customers’ attention using social media
  • Writing and scheduling your social media posts in under an our a week

E-business workshops we ran for the Salisbury/Modbury Digital Enterprise Program:

  • Blogging brings you business – but how?
  • Creating and Managing a WordPress Website
  • eCustomer Service
  • Improving your online professional profile
  • Getting your business ready for the NBN
  • Managing “Cloud” Business Solutions
  • Managing and measuring your social media activities using Hootsuite
  • Online advertising (besides Google Adwords)
  • Running your virtual business from anywhere
  • Selecting a website developer and/or SEO person
  • Top tips for protecting your business online
  • WordPress Business User Group
  • You have a website – Now what?

E-business webinars we ran in collaboration with Workforce Blueprint and TAFE NSW North Coast as part of the Maximising and Managing your Business Online Program (mmBOP):

  • How to run a successful webinar
  • National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum
  • Solve the top 3 frustrations of doing business online
  • Webinars for Newbies

E-business webinars we ran in collaboration with Wendy Perry of Workforce Blueprint

  • Implementing Online Customer Service Strategies
  • Intro to Tele-working – How can your business benefit?
  • Managing Virtual and Teleworkers
  • Running your business from anywhere
  • The Cloud & More – Understanding its potential plus free ebusiness toolsWorkforce Development in the Digital Age – Preparing your staff for the NBN

E-business workshops and webinars we have run/are running for other organisations:

  • Driving people to your business website – City of Marion
  • Facebook Marketing for Small Business – City of Marion
  • Implementing effective online customer service – Broome Community Resource Centre
  • Social Media Strategies for Small Business – Broome Community Resource Centre
  • Email Marketing – Done rights, It’s still very effective – Broome Community Resource Centre
  • eCustomer Service – Marketing and servicing your customers online – National VET E-learning Strategy
  • Is your training Organisation NBN-ready – Queensland VET Development Centre
  • Staff Reward, Retention and Motivation workshop- Salisbury Business and Export Centre
  • Social Media Strategy for Business workshop – Salisbury Business and Export Centre

E-business workshops and webinars we run ourselves:

  • Leading and managing people from anywhere
  • Top 10 tips for running your business safely online

Our E-learning Workshops and Webinars:

E-learning workshops and webinars we run for Velg Training:

  • ASQA and industry engagement – creating a win win situation
  • Design and develop elearning on a budget
  • Developing your students’ digital literacy skills in a digitally disrupted world
  • Emerging elearning trends, tools and techniques for 70 20 10 L&D
  • I want to develop eresources – what do I need to consider?
  • Managing the risk of online training and assessment
  • Online training design
  • Top tips and techniques for getting started or expanding your flexible training options
  • Using Google services as your free online training and assessment toolkit
  • What Gen Y/Z learners want and how we can give it to them

E-learning workshops and webinars we run with other organisations:

  • Creating a professional eportfolio and digital identity – National VET E-learning Strategy
  • Digital Learning Design – Australian Catholic University
  • eCustomer Service – Marketing and servicing your customers online – National VET E-learning Strategy
  • Eportfolio Workshops and Webinars – VELG Training, Victorian VET Development Centre, TAFE NSW, Trinity College, Keysborough Learning Centre, Norwood-Morialta High School, UniSA, National VET E-learning Strategy
  • Flipped Learning Design Program – Queensland VET Development Centre, Gold Coast Institute of TAFE, Skills Tech Australia, UniSA, Centre for Adult Education
  • Flipped Learning Design – Enabling personalised learning – Workforce Blueprint
  • From Face to Face Learning to Facebook Learning – Workforce Blueprint
  • Strategies for implementing workplace online training – ACPET
  • Taking your training online – Is it really any different? – National VET E-learning Strategy
  • Workforce Education & Training Futures – Workforce Blueprint

E-learning workshops, webinars and events we run ourselves:

  • Creating Connected Learning Environments
  • Designing Learning in the Digital Age
  • Flipped Learning Design Program
  • Eportfolio (including Mahara) Training & Webinars
  • Eportfolio Forum and Workshops
  • Evidencing professional standards for teachers using eportfolios
  • Evidencing quality training and assessment using Moodle
  • Global Meta-trends impacting education & training
  • How can implementing workplace online training support thin training markets?
  • Implementing workplace online training (iWOT)
  • On the virtual couch with an ex-ASQA compliance manager
  • On the virtual couch with a mobile learning expert
  • On the virtual couch with a tele-work implementation expert
  • On the virtual couch with an e-learning change manager
  • Social Media in Education – What’s possible? What’s not?
  • Using Moodle at your RTO’s Compliance Management Tool
  • What to consider when introducing educators to eportfolios?
  • Which social media sites support collaborative learning?

Our Foundation Skills webinars

Foundation Skills webinars we run in collaboration with LLN & VET Meeting Place:

  • Build it in: Tips to build foundation skill webinar series
  • Build it in: Teaching tips to build learners’ foundation skills within adult education and training

Our E-business and E-learning Consultancy Services:

Our E-business and E-learning Publications: