Using social media is an important ingredient to your business’s online success.  As highly interactive online spaces which are available to anyone, social media sites have grown to be one of the best ways to connect with your customers.

Social media sites should be your number 1 port of call for marketing your business and to be driving people to your website.  This is done through a ‘front of mind’ approach.  This means that through regular social media communications, when someone is looking for your types of goods / services, they are more likely to think of your business.

To help you understand this more, consider these four simple steps to online success using social media to get you on to, or reconnect you with, your social media journey:

1. Determine your social media goal 

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Social media is so successful as it allows people to easily interact and communicate online on a regular basis, hence the ‘social’ part of social media.  So it is important, therefore, that you do not use this space to simply sell your business but rather socialise your business.

When considering your online success using social media, consider the many aspects that these services offer your business, then set your social media goal, such as: brand awareness, educating your marketplace, building brand loyalty, establishing yourself as an expert, or simply improving customer service or helping you with your market research.  

Determining your social media goal is done through knowing who your ideal customer is and understanding their pain or gain point, then ‘speaking’ to them about this pain or gain point through social media.  This message should also always keep in mind the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) of your ideal customer.  That is, what’s in it for your ideal customer to take the time to interact with your social media posts.

2. Determine which social media sites are the right fit

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CC0 Public Domain image from

The term social media includes Facebook and YouTube, to LinkedIn and Twitter, to Instagram and Snapchat, and many, many more.  However, each of these sites offers a unique service to their users, so you don’t need to be across all of them.

To determine which ones are the right ones for your business, consider who is your ideal customer and where are they likely to be ‘hanging out’ online.  For example, if you are a retail / personal services ‘business to consumer’ type business, then Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are where your ideal customers are likely to be.  However, if you are a professional services ‘business to business’ type business, then LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat are morely likely to be where you will find your ideal customers.  

This smorgasbord of choice often makes it hard for a small business person to know where to get started, so until you know exactly which social media sites will work for your business, stake your claim in all of the big ones that you are likely to trial.  This means, create a profile for your business in the main ones even if you don’t use them in the short term.  This will ensure that someone else doesn’t get this profile before you, and then want to sell it to you as your business grows.

3. Determine the what, when and who 

CC0 Public Domain image by Peggy Marco -
CC0 Public Domain image by Peggy Marco –

The next hurdle small businesses grapple with in their ‘I know social media is good for my business, but I don’t know where to start or what to do’ journey is what to post, when to post and who will do the posting, so it is very important to plan this out.

Knowing what to post goes back to:

  • what is your social media goal, and
  • understanding who is your ideal customer and how you are helping them through social media

These messages can come from you and your business or you can source them through curating current information that is happening in your industry through services like “Google Alerts” which regularly brings the latest news to your inbox.

Consistency of when you post is important as consistency builds the perception of trust and reliability in people’s minds about your business.  Consistency can mean posting once an hour, once a day, or once a week depending on your social media goal.  What’s really important, however, is that you set your benchmark for consistency and you stick to it.  You will also need to decide who will be responsible for your social media campaign – will it be you or will employ you someone to do it or outsource it another company.

4. Determine if it’s really all worth it

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CC0 Public Domain image from

As you can see, social media offers your business many ways to help your business succeed online, however, it does take time and possibly money if you are paying someone else to help you do it, so it’s important to determine whether it’s all worth it.

This means that you need to be clear about what your goal is for achieving online success using social media, as discussed above.  This goal needs to be easily measured, for example: increase the traffic to your website by 20% within 6 months.

Once you have this measurable goal, it’s now time to determine how well you are on track in achieving it.  Unlike traditional advertising medium like newspapers, magazines and radio, social media offers plenty of free information to help you do this through the data it collects about your social media interaction, as well as Google Analytics, which provides information about which social media sites are bring people to your website.  

Being ‘in’ social media means that you have lots of wonderful opportunities for online success, so ensure that you set yourself up right by planning, resourcing and evaluating the journey.


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Simple steps to online success using social media

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