With 15 million Australian users, Facebook is by far the most popular social media site in Australia.  With this audience size, and an easy to set up web presence, Facebook is a great place for businesses and individuals to set up shop and ‘sell’ online.  

Facebook users, however, jump onto their favourite site because of the convenience of communicating with others, for the comfort of knowing what others are doing and saying, and for its comic appeal in the way others play out their lives in a ‘public’ realm.

Being ‘sold to’ on Facebook is not very well received, so what really ‘sells’ on Facebook?

Public Domain CC0 from https://pixabay.com/en/photos/facebook/
Public Domain CC0 from https://pixabay.com/en/photos/facebook/

Love, lust and loyalty

A quick analysis of Australia’s top 10 Facebook Pages highlights that what clearly sells on Facebook is love, lust and loyalty. These top 10 Facebook Pages are made up of musicians, actors/models/sport and experts/thought leaders/self-helpers who are doing an amazing job appealing to, and engaging with, their many followers.  

The engagement statistics on these sites are exciting, with around 250,000 ‘Likes’, 2,000 shares and 3,500 comments in a matter of days for a quirky montage of Hugh Jackman and his wife.  This engagement is possible because Hugh is a friendly, fun loving person who knows that his fans love him as well as his work.  So Hugh shares his life and thoughts with his fans through interesting images and comments.

CC-By image from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Love-lust.jpg
CC-By image from: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Love-lust.jpg

Lust is also a great seller on Facebook.  Self helpers, like Australian fitness goddesses Emily Skye and Kayla Itsines, appeal to an audience which lusts after having a perfect body and mind.  They both freely share their own expertise and drive through fitness videos and inspirational posts.  And, both have a strong call to action on their Facebook page, which is to ‘Shop now’. Their great content and ‘give to get’ attitude is driving their combined Facebook followers of nearly 20 million to their online shops.

And finally loyalty is a big draw card as the AC/DC Facebook Page is testament to. This Facebook page holds the No 1 spot on the top 10 list with over 30 million followers.  This page fosters a loyal community of AC/DC fans by sharing amazing imagery of the band.  This is possible because the band has produced some amazing songs and showmanship over the years, so sharing their quality product, and working to connect their fans who love it, is proving to be a fantastic formula for selling tickets to their next gig with a ‘Book now’ call to action.

But what else sells on Facebook?


As a basic premise, Westernised societies are all about the individual or “me”, so anything which provides the individual with something is also very appealing on Facebook.  

Let’s start with WIIFMs (What’s in it for me)Appliances Online have been an industry leaders in this space by ensuring that they always post something on the Facebook Page for their followers, whether that be a dramatic discount or a great giveaway.  As an online retailer which has well priced white goods, and that is ‘always open’, means that Appliance Online uses a ‘Shop now’ call to action on their Facebook Page for when their followers (or friends) are in need of any white goods.

The introduction of Facebook Marketplace also recognises that Facebook users love a WIIFM bargain.  With more than 450 million people buying and selling through Facebook groups worldwide each month, Facebook Marketplace has now made this even easier, while allowing Facebook to take a ‘cut’ of these sales that wasn’t possible before.

CC-BY Image by Nan Palmero: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nanpalmero/14041764432
CC-BY Image by Nan Palmero: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nanpalmero/14041764432

Now that social media allows everyone to have their 15 mins of fame, the concept of YOLO (You only live once) has emerged.  This means that people are keen to share their life experiences, through the food that they eat and the places that they go, through social media sites like Facebook.  See Australia recognises the appeal of Australia’s unique countryside and animals, and shares this to their 7.3 million followers through amazing images and videos.  Interestingly enough, they haven’t taken advantage of a ‘See more’ call to action to drive people to their website on their Facebook Page.

Social media has helped create the state of mind of FOMO (Fear of missing out) – this means that through a 24/7 connection to family, friends and favourites, people don’t want to miss out on anything.  This encourages Facebook users to follow and engage with the things that they are really passionate (or political) about, and share this with others.  Animals Australia knows that their nearly 1.5 million followers are very passionate about animal rights, so they use great imagery and thought-provoking quotes to engage with their audience, and they use a ‘Donate now’ call to action.


These examples highlight many ways to ‘sell’ on Facebook, and so there’s no reason why you can’t take on and try some of these strategies to ‘sell’ on Facebook.  

One thing to remember though: Facebook (and social media in general) is not a Silver Bullet – It takes time, clever content, and paid marketing to get the same level of popularity on Facebook as the examples discussed in this post, so start your journey today.


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So what really ‘sells’ on Facebook?
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