The stats around video content marketing speak for themselves:

  • Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more
  • Video in an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates

To view these stats and more, check out this:

Live streaming video services, like Facebook Live and Periscope, are also increasing people’s engagement online and becoming mainstream.  These services allow you to use simple apps on your mobile device to live stream yourself openly to the World Wide Web.

These live and interactive services also provide you and your business with the opportunity to spread the word about your credibility. This can lead to new customers.

Consider the following ways that you could also be using these services to ‘spread your cred’ online:

Doing live demo sessions 

CC-BY image from Side Wages -
CC-BY image from Side Wages –

The “how to” world is no longer about looking up online manuals and participating in how to discussion forums. It’s now about watching people share what they can do via video.  In a give to get world, people are more likely to engage with an individual or business who openly shares what they know.

Most people/businesses can do a live demo by considering the practical aspects of their work, eg fixing things, make-overs, updating things through simple and inexpensive ideas, or by sharing the key steps of a routine or process.  You can also use live demo sessions for market research to find out what appeals to people and what doesn’t by polling the live audience or by asking for feedback via the text chat facility in the app (more about this later).

CC0 Public Domain image from Pixabay -
CC0 Public Domain image from Pixabay –

 Doing live Q&As / FAQ sessions

If you need to ‘educate’ your audience about a product or service on how it solves their pain point or gain point, then a question and answer (Q&A) or frequently asked questions (FAQ) session is just the answer.

Being live online to answer people’s question is not just about winging it, so take the time to plan out what you would like to share. As it is live, you need to be prepared for unexpected questions which your audience might throw at you.  However, as an expert in your field, thinking on your feet is something that you do on a daily basis, so doing it in front of a live audience shouldn’t faze you.

Doing compare and share sessions 

CC0 Public Domain image by isi159 -
CC0 Public Domain image by isi159 –

People are always looking to compare products and services, and more and more people are going online to do this, so a live compare and share session is becoming very popular.  If you offer consultancy services or independent advice, you will have lots of knowledge about a range of options for your industry which people are looking for eg different devices / software programs / hardware, or different learning and development / self-help options etc.  

The benefit of live streaming video over static video production is that the live audience can interact with the presenter through text messaging.  Live streaming a conversation which compares different products and services will allow the audience to ask real time questions of you as the presenter. You can then customise the presentation to the audience’s’ needs.   

CC-BY image from Sebastiaan ter Burg -
CC-BY image from Sebastiaan ter Burg –

 Beaming out presentations

You and/or business may already be delivering presentations or hosting events with excellent and informative guest speakers.  Beaming out these presentations live means that a much wider audience can participate in the presentation, just as if they were in the room.  

While live streaming offers many opportunities for beaming out these presentations, remember to consider the length of the session, as the people at the other end of the streaming point need to justify their time spent being their live online versus watching it as a recording later on.   Keeping both the in room and online audience engaged is the key to having everyone focussed and interacting.  
Remember, the success of spreading your cred through live streaming services like Facebook Live and Periscope will be having a live and interactive online audience.  This will require the effective promotion of the session(s) which explains the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for the viewers and by highlighting how the session will solve their pain or gain point.

As well as building your credibility in your industry, regular and well thought out live sessions provides the perception that you are reliable as well as knowledgeable.  Humans associate this consistency of approach with reliability of behaviour, so consistent and regular live online sessions will also build people’s confidence in you and what you do.  


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Spread your cred through Facebook Live and Periscope
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