The Australian Government’s investment in the National Broadband Network (NBN) will see both training organisations and learners gain access to better connectivity. This will enable training organisations to offer innovative and flexible learning options to their learners, regardless of where they live.

Projects such as EduONE – Education Our New England are seeing TAFE NSW’s New England Institute partner with the University of New England and the Community Technology Centres Association to trial new models of education services and resources using ubiquitous reliable high-speed broadband. All enabled by the NBN.

This means training organisations need to develop strategies for ensuring your training organisation is NBN ready’.  The following are effective ways of determining which strategies your training organisation need to implement to ensure it is NBN-ready:

  • doing a SWOT/Environmental scan to determine the opportunities and threats for your training organisation within the digital economy
  • developing an eBusiness Strategy based on these identified opportunities and threats
  • undertaking an NBN-enabled organisation skills analysis to determine current and future skills requirements to achieve your eBusiness Strategy
  • developing an digitally-enabled workforce development plan to meet your training organisation’s future skills needs
  • creating actions plans and funding action learning projects which help your training organisation become NBN-ready based on the above, regardless of when the NBN reaches you

To support this process, a free digital business capability workshop will be held on Thursday 16 August in Brisbane to help training organisations make the most of the NBN.

For more information, and to register, go to:


This workshop is part of the “Is your training organisation NBN-ready?” program  sponsored by the Queensland VET Development Centre and the National VET E-learning Strategy.  ‘Is your training organisation NBN ready?’ will be delivered through a partnership between Vanguard Visions Consulting and GlobalNet ICT.

The “Is your training organisation NBN-ready?” program is part of the “Digital Capability – Doing it Smarter” online community:

For further information about the ‘Strategies for ensuring your training organisation is NBN ready’ workshop or for getting help with developing NBN-enabled strategies within your organisation to ensure it is NBN ready, contact Allison Miller: 0400 732 270, email:

Strategies for ensuring your training organisation is NBN ready

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