We are on the brink of an educational revolution which is demanding even more from  our educational institutions and educators.  While change is never easy, it is always constant, and the web is providing amazing new opportunities for educators.

Educators, as “lead learners”, need to be able to curate and share educational resources for their learners and institutions by exploring the amazing opportunities offered through the web.

Through investigating of their own interests and passions, and building their own personal learning networks, educators can have a significant impact on their learners, their organisations, and their own careers.

Steve Hargadon

One of the most important change-makers in education of our time is Steve Hargadon, a worldly educator 2.0 leader who heads up the Classroom 2.0, Library 2.0, Aula 2.0 , Teacher 2.0, and Student 2.0 online communities.

Steve has also conducted over 300 interviews on education, for which he is crowned the ‘Oprah of Education’.

Steve is perhaps on one of his most important educator 2.0 journeys as part of his “Hack up your Education” City-by-City tour, which aims to “make a difference by cultivating local conversations on education”.

To enable Steve’s great work in developing and supporting educational leadership to

be experienced internationally, Steve will be touring Australia in February 2013 for his Educator 2.0 Tour.

While in Australia, Steve will be hosting ‘Educator 2.0’ workshops, masterclasses and consultancies, designed to support the personal and professional growth of every educator and educational leader.

To read more about Steve’s Educator  2.0 Australian Tour go to: educator20.com

Steve Hargadon – developing educators as “digital lead learners”

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