The National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum (NBN Digi Forum) was held recently in both face to face venues and online across Australia.

As part of this event, participants were asked what they thought small business need to be successful in a digital economy.

Here is a summary of the top 10 things small businesses need to be successful in a digital economy:

  1. a better understanding of how to be cyber-safe especially when using the Cloud
  2. key criteria for selecting website development/Cloud business solutions to help them easily decide without feeling ‘ripped off’

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  3. government websites which are REALLY easy to use and interact with
  4. better business to business digital processes eg not being paid by cheque or receiving remittance advices by post
  5. simple ways to keep up-to-date with new technology and the constant changes associated with using technology
  6. to be informed of the impact of changing digital economy business models, and how to navigate their business through these new/evolving business models, and help to translate or streamline their current business products, services and processes for a digital economy
  7. tax breaks for investing in digital technologies / processes / websites / the Cloud etc

    Photo CC-BY Digital Capability
  8. systems to measure the cost-benefit of working in a digital economy and/or understanding the ROI of social media
  9. more support to be entrepreneurial and innovative to take advantage of the Chinese / Indian (international) digital economy
  10. support to recruit and manage virtual or tele-workers and/or contractors, including those based overseas.

Do you agree with these?  Do you have other suggestions?

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The NBN Digi Forum was proudly brought to you by: TAFE NSW – North Coast Institute, Vanguard Visions Consulting and Workforce Blueprint.

Top 10 things small businesses need to be successful in a digital economy

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