Queensland training organisations face major changes in the coming years as the Queensland vocational education and training (VET) sector undergoes significant reform.

As part of this reform, Queensland training organisations need to be able to deliver new and evolved flexible delivery models which enable them to support the changing training needs of all Queenslanders, including those from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds.

The Flipped learning design for VET program has been developed to help support this need, designed to build the capability of VET practitioners in implementing new approaches to training.

Flipped learning occurs when key learning materials are provided for study outside the traditional classroom environment, through audio, video, online forums or reading.  Valuable face-to-face time with the trainer is then used to work through real-life problems and to engage in discussions.  This model maximises learners’ opportunities to learn at their own pace, and then apply their learning in a supportive mentored environment.

Flipped learning design for VET program will be delivered over eight weeks through a flipped learning approach, using a combination of webinars, a face-to-face workshop, and professional networking sessions.

The program aims to attract VET educators, educational support staff, and learning and development managers who will learn to:

  • Develop flipped learning approaches which incorporate contemporary training and assessment pedagogies.
  • Design contemporary learning experiences which meet the individual needs of learners, clients and industry.
  • Create effective ways for implementing innovative change needed in a competitive training market.
  • Harness informal learning experiences and contextualise these to industry expectations.

There is a free information webinar on Tuesday 26 March (from 12.00-1.00pm QLD time) which will provide more information about the flipped learning program.

This program is part of the Professional Learning Program hosted by the Queensland VET Development Centre (QVDC), and will be delivered by Vanguard Visions Consulting.

To register and for more information:
To register for the information webinar on 26 March, email events.qvdc@dete.qld.gov.au.

For more information and to register for Flipped learning design in VET program visit:

Registration for the Flipped learning design in VET program costs $185 inc GST.

For more information about the program contact: Allison Miller, email allison@digitalcapability.com.au or phone 0400 732 270.

Transform your training delivery with flipped learning

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