Pokemon Go is the new and very popular mobile game which allows people to play the original very popular game in the real world.  

Pokemon Go is based on another popular mobile app, Google Maps.  

The combination of these two big boys offers your business great ways to grow through three killer marketing activities: leverage, brand awareness and engagement.


Leverage the popularity of Pokemon Go

Tweet by @haztelf "When Eevee comes out for a drink with the lads #AdelaideOval #PokemonGO"
Tweet by @haztelf “When Eevee comes out for a drink with the lads #AdelaideOval #PokemonGO”

Pokemon Go works on providing information to a person about where Pokemon characters live based on their geographic location (geolocation) through an internet-enabled device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.  This location-based activity offers businesses lots of opportunities to leverage this popular game.

Adelaide Oval recently used its giant outdoor screens on its outer walls to notify passersby that “Eevee lives here”. This clever bit of leverage marketing now encourages Pokemon Go players to detour off of their given path to visit Adelaide Oval in an attempt to catch Eevee.  And, while they are there they are ‘taking a tour’ and/or ‘having a refreshment’ at the Oval.

Pokemon Go players, and non-players alike, are also snapping images of their encountered Pokemon on their mobile devices and sharing this information with their networks via their favourite social media eg Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.  The clever ones also include the hashtag of their location eg #adelaideoval.

Build brand awareness by getting your name in the game

CC-BY image from Wikipedia - Google Maps pin
CC-BY image from Wikipedia – Google Maps pin

Pokemon Go encourages people to explore their physical environment and beyond.  As it is based on Google Maps, real local landmarks in the area, like businesses and public places, are identified in game on a person’s screen near where the Pokemon live.

Getting your business’s name in the game means that it will remind people playing the game in your local vicinity about your business .  It will also highlight your business to new people exploring your area on their Pokemon expeditions.

To get your business on Google Maps you need to join “Google my business”.  There are many benefits to doing this apart from ‘getting your name in the game’ such as ensuring that the Google search engine presents the correct information about your business on an organic web search, instead of what whatever it finds itself online.

Engage ‘em all

CC0 Public Domain image by stux on Pixabay
CC0 Public Domain image by stux on Pixabay

Now the Pokemon Go crazy won’t be here forever, and it won’t be long before some other geolocation game will takes its place, but in the meantime it’s certainly flavour of the month, so use this opportunity to engage with your online audience.  

If you have a Pokemon or two living near your business, then screenshot them or take a video of them in game and post this to your social media profiles.  Then ask your followers whether they have caught these Pokemon near your business. And don’t forget to use the #PokemonGO hashtag as this will help encourage more people to your locality, and it will also help you pick up a few more followers.

Then do another social media post which encourages people who have caught the Pokemon near your business to post something about this.  You can do this by offering a discount or 2 for 1 offer if people tag your business in their post. This will also encourage people to buy from or engage with your business.


Remember, Pokemon Go isn’t just for children.  People of all ages play this game so really think outside the square in this space.  Also, keep an eye on other geolocation apps or apps with geolocation functionality to see how you can also use them to leverage, build brand awareness and engage with people online so you can ‘Catch em all’ and grow your business.


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Use Pokemon Go to grow through leverage, brand awareness and engagement

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