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Steve Hargadon's Educator 2.0 Australian Tour - CANCELLED
February 2013







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Unfortunately we have not been able to attract enough interest in this tour and so it will no longer be happening.

Steve, however, is still considering coming to Australia around the same time to undertake some independent work.

If you are interested in engaging Steve's services directly or if you can help sponsor Steve coming to Australia in some way please contact him at



Educator 2.0 - taking the driver’s seat

We are on the brink of an educational revolution which is demanding even more from our educational institutions and educators.

While change is never easy, it is always constant, and the web is providing amazing new opportunities for educators.  These opportunities include: 

  • exploring their own interests and passions
  • building personal learning networks, and
  • having a significant impact on their learners, their organisations, and their own careers

The Educator 2.0 program is designed to support the effective personal and professional growth of every educator, and is led by Steve Hargadon, one of the most important change-makers in education of our time.

"Steve is the Oprah of education."  -Monika Hardy's StudentsThe Educator 2.0 program kick starts with an exclusive full day hands-on workshop in four Australian cities which will explore these trends and enable educators, as the "lead learners", build educational resources for their students and institutions.  Conducted as a blended approach to professional development, the Educator 2.0 program will "Steve is a connector. He is a bridge. He is a lifeline. He takes the lead. He gets things done. Quite simply, Steve Hargadon is a humble, kind, unsung hero who makes a difference in the lives of educators worldwide."  -Joyce Valenzainclude face to face and online workshops, together with online networking and forums.

Alternatively, organisations can choose to engage Steve Hargadon for individual and customised full or half-day masterclasses or consultancies for their own staff/organisations.

Download Steve Hargadon's Educator 2.0 Australian Tour flyer for more information.

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 This event is part of the "Digital Capability - Doing it Smarter" program  Digital Educational metatrends


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