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Steve Hargadon's Educator 2.0 Australian Tour - CANCELLED
February 2013







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Unfortunately we have not been able to attract enough interest in this tour and so it will no longer be happening.

Steve, however, is still considering coming to Australia around the same time to undertake some independent work.

If you are interested in engaging Steve's services directly or if you can help sponsor Steve coming to Australia in some way please contact him at



Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon will be touring Australia in February 2013.

Steve Hargadon

Steve Hargadon pioneered the use of social networking in education by creating the Classroom 2.0 social network in 2007, and supported and encouraged the development of thousands of other education networks, particularly for professional development. Steve blogs, speaks, and consults on educational technology, and runs several virtual and physical events to build community and connections in education, with over 100,000 participants annually.

Steve is also the Emerging Technologies Chair for ISTE, the author of "Educational Networking: The Important Role Web 2.0 Will Play in Education," the recipient of the 2010 Technology in Learning Leadership Award (CUE), and a blogger at

Steve has consulted for PBS, Intel, Ning, Blackboard, Microsoft, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, CoSN, MERLOT, the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Education, and others on educational technology and specifically on social networking. You can find a full list of Steve's projects at the Web 2.0 Labs.

"...if we engage and participate and build, we have a very different experience than if we're just followers"

- Digital Media & Learning Central interview with Steve Hargadon

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 This event is part of the "Digital Capability - Doing it Smarter" program  Digital Educational metatrends


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