Digital Capability

Quality customer service is major factor to having a successful business.  It also helps to attract and gain customer loyalty to ensure return business, and helps to develop your business as a distinctive brand in your industry. 

More and more customers are turning to the internet to find a business as well as find out more about a business.  Online customer service strategies are also offering a means for widening your business’s current market base. Here are the four simple but highly effective online customer service strategies

  • Make your website a one stop shop – every time you need to speak with a customer, it is costing you money. Consider how you can make the most of your website as a customer service tool eg: Have all the information about your business on your website or have a Frequently Asked Questions page. Ensure that your website is mobile friendly
  • Give your expertise to get your customers’ attention – People are time poor so when they need to find information, they want to find it quickly or find it serendipitously. You can do this by pushing out useful and interesting information via social email. Use Google Alerts to bring the useful content to you, and then use Hootsuite to schedule the content. Alternatively, send it via email to your customers using Mailchimp
  • Automate your customer service strategies – through online services which allow you to text chat with your customers online in real time or by allowing your customers to self-service like booking them self into an appointment using or by registering for an event via Eventbrite. You can also automate how you communicate with your customers by using a customer relationship management (CRM) tool like Salesforce so you can schedule regular email touch points to help your customer through their ‘journey’ eg reminders about when they need to change their water filter.
  • Collect the data and make your customer service better – by offering online customer service strategies via website, social media, email marketing services and online booking services and CRM services, you have access to amazing analytics about how your customers behave. Use this data to determine what works best and worst for your customers and then put the time into improving your weaknesses

Implementing online customer service strategies takes an I-CAN approach:

  • I – Implement a strategy which is built upon by:
    • C – Committing to making your customers’ world a better place
    • A – Analysing what works and what doesn’t
    • N – Never let the technology be the focus – still make the experience human




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