Digital Capability is a leader in ebusiness training, presentations, content development, consultancy services and other business support services. Our (e)Business services include: “Be ahead of the pack” (e)Business coaching and mentoring services Digital marketing – health check / development services Online


Digital Capability is a leader in elearning professional development, presentation, consultancy and support services through the following services: Assessment services, Coaching and leadership, Consulting, Learning management systems and content development, Modern e-learning models, Moodle webinars/workshops and resources, Workshops, webinars and presentations,


Digital Capability is a leader in eportfolio training, presentations, consultancy, writing and support services through the following services: Eportfolio Services, Eportfolios Australia Professional Network and Events, Eportfolio (Mahara) Sandpit where you can get your own eportfolio profile, and Eportfolio Resources Mahara Business

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We specialise in helping you get you succeed with online assessment

Assessment is a vital part of any education and training program so doing it well is so important from both an educational, professional development and compliance perspective Contact us now to ensure your online assessment processes meet assessment best practice, including the

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We are proud to working with ACPET again:

Allison Miller of Digital Capability will continue to be facilitating a series of webinars for ACPET To join these PD session by going to : www.acpet.edu.au/services/professional-development/upcoming-pd-events/

For more information contact: Allison Miller 0400 732 200 or allison@digitalcapability.com.au

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