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Digital literacy – the fourth literacy after LLN

Digital literacy – the fourth literacy after LLN The need for effective digital literacy skills has been a recognised for a number of years (McLean, et al, 2020), however, the impact of COVID-19 has significantly increased the use of digital technologies by governments, businesses, educational institutions, community groups and individuals (CSIRO, 2020). This increase was

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Workforce Planning is Key to an Innovative Business

Innovation is important to any business as it helps to stimulate new ideas and solve old problems, thereby ensuring your business remains current and viable.  The key to sustaining innovation, however, is ensuring that you and your staff are prepared and well skilled to take on an innovative approach through workforce planning. Here is how

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Digital Capability

Implementing Online Customer Service Strategies

Quality customer service is major factor to having a successful business.  It also helps to attract and gain customer loyalty to ensure return business, and helps to develop your business as a distinctive brand in your industry.  More and more customers are turning to the internet to find a business as well as find out

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Grow your business with government grants

Currently there some great Government grants available to grow your business such as Business Growth Grants and Export Market Development Grants. Grant funding is highly contested so make sure your application is given the best chance of being selected by following these ten top tips for writing a successful funding application: Contact the funding manager first and discuss your

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